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Relic restorer brings the 'dead' back to life

2022-04-15 Xinjiang's population sees stable increase Second minister in a week resigns from Japan cabinet Health alert issued as wildfire smoke blankets Sydney Museum holds sculpture display Xinjiang's population increases 18.5 pct over past decade A baby elephant's travel diary Guangzhou postpones high school entrance exam over COVID-19 Relic restorer brings the 'dead' back to life 3 dead in iron mine accident in China's Shanxi Commission to lead blast investigation Volunteer: Fujian offers eldercare idea for Madagascar Data Security Law improves governance Domestic tourism bounces back with sharp growth over holiday Guangzhou to reopen subdistricts gradually Fire burns down structures at historic Japanese castle China expected to see 11 million railway trips Monday Artisan creates miniature worlds in walnuts Handicrafts and performance skills help boost incomes Death toll rises to 25 in C China gas blast