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It's best for public to stay on high alert

2022-05-16 Digital divide, bullying cast a pall over new school year in HK Universal COVID testing hailed in HK HK to reopen schools in phases starting Sept 23 Hong Kong delays 2021 DSE exam to April 23 China self-developed full-digital PET completes multiple brain imaging China to fund 41,752 science projects with more than 21 bln yuan Manual workers deserve the high wages they get National robotics competition for adolescents held in Chongqing Science and technology help nation achieve goals Across China: Technology lights up night at the museum SAIC Motor builds cloud computing base in Central China CE Lam: HK has no 'separation of powers' More than 82,000 tested in Hong Kong on 1st day of virus testing program Science center prepares for major liftoff Hong Kong further loosens social distancing measures New rice strain set to boost food security HK CE says test 'safe, simple, convenient and fast' Reporter's vlog: how is the city-wide COVID testing conducted in HK? It's best for public to stay on high alert